How do you charge for your services?

One of the benefits of being a solo practitioner is that I have the flexibility to offer a variety of fee arrangements so that our interests are closely aligned. I am open to all available fee types, including, hourly fees, flat fees, contingency fees and hybrid fees that include a success fee. My goal is to set a reasonable fee that is competitive with the marketplace and that will deliver a good value for you, based on the time and complexity involved and the potential exposure and recovery. Before any engagement, I will discuss fee options with you and the fee that is agreed to will be clearly set out in a written agreement for legal services ("Engagement Letter").

Do you require a retainer payment as part of an engagement?

Depending on the matter, I may require an upfront retainer payment at the outset of an engagement as a means of ensuring payment of future fees that will be incurred on your matter and I may also require the replenishment of the retention payment during the course of the engagement. Any credit balance remaining at the end of an engagement will be returned to you. Before any engagement, I will discuss any retainer requirement with you and any agreed to retainer will be clearly set out in the Engagement Letter.